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wMonday, March 31, 2003

Oh, and I think Brian wanted me to post this: Faces for Peace

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 11:43 PM
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I hate this song, and I hate Texas.

posted by Weston at 11:36 PM
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NotQuiteOriginal: hey, can i put html in the comments?
z an ym at t: Yep
NotQuiteOriginal: ok cool
NotQuiteOriginal: duly noted
NotQuiteOriginal: by the way, look at the second link in my profile

From That Meyers Guy

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 11:16 PM
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This is directly to Andy, a string of thoughts I had that peaked my curiosity. I’m not trying to ruffle feathers. I really do want to know what you think. Disclaimer: Matt pointed this out, as great evidence of what can knock down a conditional argument. I was going with what I was taught of the Pope being the voice of God. Andy might not believe that.

Andy is a Catholic. The Catholics believe the Pope is the voice of God. So, defying the Pope is defying God. Defying God is a sin. The Pope opposes the war. Andy supports the war. So, Andy is defying God and sinning.

What is your reaction to that?

That was my vernacular version of the argument. Below, you will see it in a more logical format, aka what you see in logic class. I’m not sure if it’s 100% right. But, I checked the truth table, and it’s a conditional argument. For those who have not taken logic, a conditional argument is one that can be either true or false based on factual information. Also, truth tables are constructed with variables. I had to break it down so it made more sense to me, too. This table looked like:

a&b=>c; conditional

[(a&b)=>c]&d&e&f=>g; another conditional

Here’s what the argument looked like, broken down:

Catholics believe the Pope is the voice of God. (a)
Defying God is a sin. (b)
Therefore, defying the Pope is defying God. (c)

Defying the Pope is defying God. [(a&b0=>c)]
The Pope opposes the war. (d)
Andy supports the war. (e)
Andy is a Catholic. (f)
Therefore, Andy is defying God. (g)

& stands for “and”, => is for “if…then” statements, which “therefore” represents.

I wouldn’t fuss so much about it, but I wanted to see if my argument was valid or not, and I wanted everyone to know that I checked. An argument is valid unless there are true premises with false conclusions. There can be a false-false answer and the argument is still valid, just conditional. That’s what happened here.

Go here to test out a java-based Truth Table constructor. Go here to learn more about argumentation. I haven’t studied fallacies yet, that starts tomorrow.

posted by Violet at 6:13 PM
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This is fucking disgusting: Undercutting the 9/11 Inquiry
It's hard to believe that everything related to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks will not get the most thorough public scrutiny possible. But the federal investigative committee so reluctantly supported by the White House now seems in danger of being undermined. As the first hearings open in Manhattan today, committee members are chagrined to be going hat in hand to Congress for adequate financing. White House assurances led them to believe needed funds would be included in the supplemental war budget sent to the Capitol last week. But the commission's $11 million request was not there.

Reasonable people might wonder if the White House, having failed in its initial attempt to have Henry Kissinger steer the investigation, may be resorting to budgetary starvation as a tactic to hobble any politically fearless inquiry. The committee's mandate includes scrutiny of intelligence failures and eight other government areas.

The White House vows that in coming budget initiatives there will be no shortchanging of the nation's duty to face the facts of the tragedy. As things now stand, $3 million budgeted as start-up funding could run out this summer. An estimated $14 million is needed for the task of finding out precisely how the attackers were able to pull off their plot in which nearly 3,000 people died. This seems a bargain given the importance of the mission. By comparison, the inquiry into the shuttle disaster's loss of seven lives may cost an estimated $40 million, and the inquiry into the Whitewater controversy ate up more than $30 million.

The nation demands an unflinching 9/11 search. A forthright Congress could easily shake the money loose from the Capitol leadership. Everyone claims to have homeland security as a top priority, but anything less than a robust inquiry will amount to a fresh assault on domestic safety. Tim Roemer, a former congressman and a commission member now buttonholing old colleagues for the missing money, makes the case best: "Facing the facts won't kill us. Not getting them might."
This is the sort of shit that starts conspiracy theories. There are two reasons they wouldn't fund this commision. One is that they just give a damn why those people died. You can figure the other out.

Update: I just heard on NPR that this may not be true, they said that Bush had "Found" 9 Million to give the commision.

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 5:53 PM
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People buy these?

(via Tom Tomorrow)

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 5:31 PM
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I know I've posted this before, but Brian mentioned doing something similar to this at the rally: Pretzel for Bush.

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 5:27 PM
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Clear Channel Stations (in St. Louis)

93.7 KSD (Country - that means Redneck)
100.3 KATZ - FM (Urban - that means Black)
103.3 KLOU (Oldies)
104.9 KMJM (Urban AC - What's the AC mean?)
107.7 KSLZ (CHR - What the fuck is that?)
1600 KATZ AM (Gospel)

We had a discussion about this on Sunday, so I figured I'd do some research and set the record straight. I like to do that. (For the record, this means I was wrong, as I incorrectly identified the Mall and the Point as being owned by Clear Channel. They are not.)

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 4:13 PM
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Encore une autre pensée provoquant l'éditorial de l'étranger:
Les Etats-Unis sont devenus une théocratie, parce que, désormais, presque toutes les décisions d'importance de l'administration Bush y sont prises in the name of God ­ au nom d'un Dieu de colère et de vengeance, non point d'amour et de compassion ­, et que ce système ne rencontre aucune résistance sérieuse de la part des pouvoirs législatifs et judiciaires institués, sans parler de médias qui, pour la plupart, le soutiennent. «Notre démocratie» s'est ainsi mutée en pur argument rhétorique de la République. En effet, le concept même de démocratie n'a plus besoin d'être défini, comme le martelait déjà avec agressivité le président étasunien au Sommet des Amériques de Québec en avril 2001 (à propos des questions fusant sur le contenu du «critère démocratique» de participation à la Zone de libre-échange des Amériques) ­ puisque «Nous sommes la démocratie».

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 4:00 PM
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You are aware that Seymour Hersh is the best reporter in America right? Here's his latest: The battle between Donald Rumsfeld and the Pentagon.

He's basically telling us that Rumsfeld told the military planners to fuck off when they said that the Iraqis wouldn't collapse as fast as he thought. And guesss what? The generals were right.

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 3:17 PM
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Oh, I hope Tim is checking the blog today: Yahoo! News - British Forces Use James Bond Code Names

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 2:55 PM
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US Marines turn fire on civilians at the bridge of death "We shouldn't be here," said Lieutenant Campbell Kane, 25, who was born
in Northern Ireland. "We can't hold this. They are trying to suck us into
the city and we haven't got enough ass up here to sustain this. We need more tanks, more helicopters."

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 2:46 PM
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The Other Superpower

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 1:38 PM
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Pretty good Broder column on the budget: A Budget of Dire Consequences (washingtonpost.com)

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 1:27 PM
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An oddity in the blogosphere, a truly useful post that stands on its own: Kevin Drum tells us about Homonyms.

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 1:03 PM
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Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo has a letter from a career diplomat laying out the options we may face in Iraq, it's scary as hell, but the guy seems to know what he's talking about. So I demand you read!

In other news, a conversation at work:
Me: Hey, a couple of my friends were on the news yesterday at the anti-war rally?
Robert: Were they naked?
Me: Um, no. It was cold!
Robert: Hey, what's a little chilling compared to peace? If you want me to pay attention, I expect some nudity!
Take that however you like...Update: Bushes against Bush.

You guys wrote a lot this weekend (as most of you know, I rarely blog during the weekend). I think I'll just let everything stand on it's own, unless someone wants a response.

As those of you who didn't attend the protest/rally, you can probably tell from reading the comments of the first-timers here that it was a significant event for them personally, beyond the larger body politic.
You may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one,
I hope some day you'll join us,
And the world will live as one.
Of course there is a danger in going too far with that aspect towards the point where these things can be characterized by the right as an "Ego-fest" of sorts. While those of us actually participating know this is not the case, most comments following such things tend to focus on the personal, leading to the mischaracterizations. That said, Violet's make up work was really good. I believe she was photographed 8 times.

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 11:32 AM
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Sometimes I feel lost and afraid, like a child in the dark, and I just want things to go well for once. I want our administration, out government which I had had so much faith in when I was small to take care of things for me, and do it how I want them to - fairly and honestly. I guess I can't allow people to do things for me so much anymore. The watchers should be watched, but what do you do when they don't listen?

You show up, I guess, if that's all you can do. You get counted.
Ann Speaks For Me.

Violet told me that what I wrote on my journal (Thanatos02 on Livejournal.com) was too negative, that a good day like this doesn't deserve the nasty spin I put on it. That's not really how I feel about the rally, which was really great. Everyone seemed like someone you wouldn't be too terribly embarressed to speak to. It was a good vibe time, laced with cold and a vague undercurrent of desperation. I wrote what my chums didn't though - the way there, the way back. Those were the weird things, for me.

I have a negative view of the world. I don't think this protest mattered. But I was there. Doing that was doing something, a peaceful something, something that I would have been happy to hear about on the news. Something that says my feelings are justified, and that there are a lot of people like me, who show up despite themselves, despite their misgivings, despite their fear - and I am always afraid. Despite my own coldness, my discomfort at the meet, I was happy to be there, and even though I tend towards bitterness, I have that other part of me that is glad to be apart of something that I believe in.

And for a moment or two, I felt the good vibes.

posted by Weston at 12:25 AM
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wSunday, March 30, 2003

Re: Becca

I dunno if I really agree with that. I laughed at some ridiculous songs that have been cut from air-play during Sept. 11...They cut out Imagine, which i didn't completely understand why, but whatever.

Did you read the article, or the lyrics? It really is about wearing condoms.

Don't pull the thang out, unless you plan to bang

They also talk about STDs and children. The reason for banning it is because idiots were looking at only the name and constantly requesting it because of that, and being too stupid to pay attention to the actual content of the song. THE SONG IS NOT ABOUT WAR.

Before anyone else talks about it, read the article, and lyrics. Please.

posted by Violet at 7:10 PM
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The protest had 4,563 people at least attending. They said that was the number, but I say we should beware the margin of error for people who might have been late. I had at least 6 people take my picture. A camera followed me for a while. A republican spoke, as well as Missouri government members. Some guy at the zoo called us communists. We called him an idiot, and one girl told him if he's so tough he should go out into combat. They gave props to Dr. Martin Luther King. It was one helluva protest.

Mom was upset that we didn't take pictures. She didn't come because she didn't want to be involved in idiotic violence, and frankly, neither do I. There wasn't any, because I didn't go with the anarchists. But there's a chance she might come with us in the future, with her fears rested. (We're poor, you see, and cannot afford bail. She asked me several times who would be able to post it should we be arrested.)

posted by Violet at 7:01 PM
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Why the Point will no longer play Bombs Over Baghdad by Outkast. Despite their support for the war, they seem to have some things in line.

posted by Violet at 11:53 AM
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wSaturday, March 29, 2003

With the news on in the background, I've thought of something. Bush is allowing the sharpest double-edged sword I've ever seen to be used in this "war". Anyone notice it yet?

The Media.

In Baghdad, I doubt there will be alot of horrible things when the millitary goes in. There's gonna be a camera somewhere. Also it's quicker and more reliable then letting the Government tell you. Tons of reporters, journalists, and newsmen are down there. Yuo can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting a newspaper or major tv news station without hitting one that doesn't have a reporter in Iraq. Well, except for the Belleville News Democrat. Their budget lets them send people all the way to Scott AFB and thats about it.

posted by Andrew at 10:17 PM
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I'd like to thank Matt for assuming that just because I'm more right-wing than anyone else here, that I'm a moron. No Matt, I did check their site and how they come up with those numbers and I still stick by my position on it.

Also good work on soundly defeating those tax quiz items. "Do you think it's fair that politicians have their own tax plans that aren't affected by the same restrictions they impose on others?" I mean exactly what I said. Sober up if you can't understand it, makes perfect sense to me. Also I found most of those questions from something a little bit ago, thats why the Marrige one was out of date. I hadn't known it was out of date when I posted it otherwise I wouldn't have done it. Heh.

Also to Meyers. There's nothing wrong with paranoia. They're not all out to get ya, just most of them.

Oh looky, Matt and Tim of York are here. Unexpected. More later.

posted by Andrew at 3:30 PM
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wFriday, March 28, 2003

One T-shirt, white: $3.99 on sale
Three bottles fake blood: $6.00
One bottle red color hair spray: $2.99
One bottle red india ink: $5.99
Pocket knife, paintbrush, cup to put ink in: Free, being at home
Knowing that you'll bring to light to maybe even one person the innocent deaths in Iraq: Priceless

posted by Violet at 5:34 PM
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United Press International: Michael Moore plans Bush-bin Laden film Filmmaker Michael Moore's next project might be more controversial than his Oscar-winning documentary "Bowling for Columbine."

According to a report in Friday's Daily Variety, Moore is working on a documentary about the "the murky relationship" between former President George Bush and the family of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. The paper said the movie, "Fahrenheit 911," will suggest that the bin Laden family profited greatly from the association.

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 3:53 PM
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Pretty pictures of the sky.

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 3:42 PM
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I consider this an excercise in psycology and socialogy more then me reporting something you didn't already know. Consider having one idea that will not change despite evidence to the contrary. Many time, as an anti-war, administration-protesting socialist liberal guy, I have asked myself if I'm in the wrong, if I simply have forsaken logic so that I can feel justified in long-winded rants against something.

Am I uselessly raging against the machine? When this happens, I play Devil's Advocate with myself, a position I played when I debated with friends during my highschool years, and a part I still play when I feel that both sides are not being fairly represented in a debate. This is the part that Andy here, on purpose or not, plays on this blog. I go over all the evidence, and I either change my mind (Frequently, but in naunces.) or I realize that I'm still in the right.

To be honest, I doubt that Bush and his cronies are evil on purpose, but, from what I've read, evil is the word for it. Not a looming, cloaked-in-black evil, but a disregard for what's right in favor of what's profitable and easy. I'm sorry, Andy, if I seem like I'm bashing heavy handed on your belief system, but the current administration really doesn't have your welfare at stake.

In any case, the worst of the lot are the religious right, who seem to play a game of "who can be the most virulant, angry, idiot". What they say isn't logical, it's pure hate in audio form. It's really astounding. I really don't know what to say. In fact, it's hard to get angry anymore, because they're either lost to their own imagined rantings, or full of shit and bile, trying to rile up their supporters into giving more and gathering power in the political realm. They are legion. Anyhow, a little quote, below, and a question - am I posting too much? Should I pick and choose more? I'm trying to give a more comprehensive view on what I think, so you understand what I'm aiming for.

In one of those turn the mirror on thyself moments, Bennett writes: "There's nothing that has the power to immunize against thought so much as ideology -- and if you're an ideologue, evidence doesn't matter, facts don't matter. You're an ideologue, which means that you have a priori beliefs which cannot be dislodged by any evidence or any experience."

Also, I found this to be an unhappy, disturbing bit of news. Marines fight armed children in Iraq during the night.

posted by Weston at 1:33 PM
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A few little things:

The counter is there because civilian deaths matter. And since I can't trust the mainstream media to give me accurate information, I'm going to have to go with those guys. Now, Andy, if you'd bothered to go to the site you'd see that they have a very rigorous method for determining that number - the min/max numbers are there when reliable sources disagree. I don't really see how you can be upset by the simple dissemination of information.

The U.N. matters on this war because it's a war of choice. If we were acting in self-defense, we wouldn't need U.N. authorization. Check out the U.N. charter sometime - any country is allowed to go to war in cases of self-defence or preemptive war in case of an immediate threat. Iraq is neither. In other news, the Constitution gives the Senate the right to enter us into legally binding treaties, the U.N. Charter is one such treaty - so we're violating the Constitution as well.

What's with you "borderline socialist" pansies? I'm surrounded by right-wingers.

I actually quite liked the protesting article Weston linked to down below. It's what I've been saying for a while - protest is a vital part of a vibrant democracy, not some hippie ego-fest.

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 12:23 PM
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Life For British Troops.

Gibson finds cool stuff. Also : rocks.

posted by Weston at 12:13 PM
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The Prospect's got a pretty long (and really good) article up about the Texas Sodomy case. In fact, they've had the best coverage of it so far.
With utter condescension, Breyer started in on Rosenthal, saying Bowers is harmful to thousands upon thousands of people and is an instrument of repression and oppression. This case is about government intrusion inside the bedroom, he said. Tell me why that's something the state has any business doing. Where else will you draw the line if not at the door to the bedroom? Whenever Rosenthal tried to use one of his stock answers, Breyer dragged him back to the edge, instructing the district attorney to "please give a straight answer to the question." Laughter and more laughter emanated from the audience as Rosenthal tried to argue that no one had proven that the two men's sexual act was consensual, and that besides, marriage was where the state should draw the line. Marital sex acts -- and those that might encourage people to get married and have babies eventually -- should be protected, he argued, and nothing else.

It was all downhill for the poor man from there. When Ginsburg asked whether Texas prohibited same-sex couples, or lesbians and gay men, from adopting, Rosenthal didn't know. She lectured him on this point, saying that if the state thinks lesbians and gay men could be proper guardians of children, surely they should be free to have intimate relations. Stevens grilled Rosenthal on whether Texas prohibited fornication for unmarried heterosexuals, and whether there was a criminal law against adultery. Rosenthal admitted that, no, Texas allows both. Breyer then demanded to know why the homosexual-conduct law exists, asking if the rational was little more than "I do not like this, Sam I Am?"

Honest. That's what he said. Shocked laughter ensued.
So go read it.

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 12:07 PM
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Krugman on the California energy crisis. I love how he writes about things I care about. And if you don't care about the energy crisis, you should.

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 12:06 PM
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Guess who's wrong?

I'm not going to respond to your tired crap on the war in your post, as I've dealt with it before. Look into the archives for that. And check out this article I posted on Tuesday about our Coalition.

But since nobody on here understands and loves tax policy more than me, I shall respond to your questions in detail. But first, a cheap shot - I paid more in taxes this year than you made in income. And I want my taxes raised.

You get bolded, I'm in italics.

Also about the tax cut stuff being bounced around in the House and Senate. CBS and others have been polling Americans with leading questions such as, "Is Bush's tax plan fair to all Americans?" or, "Does the Bush plan favor the rich?" So much for impartiality. Here are a few questions I'd like for you to think about.

How exactly is that biased? And by the way - the vast majority of Bush's tax cuts go to people who make over $300,000 a year, so the correct answers would be "no" and "yes".

Do you think it's fair that the people who use Government services the least pay the highest taxes?

That's actually not true. Who benefits more in our system from police protection? People who do or don't have things to steal? Who benefits from roads? People who do or don't have cars? I could continue down the list, but pretty much everything that protects society as a whole benefits the rich more because they have more to lose. Now, while certain entitlement programs are targeted at the least fortunate among us, they in actuality represent a pretty small percentage of the overall federal budget - and the two biggest, Social Security and Medicare are funded completely separately. Take a look at a recent pay check - notice how those two are separated out. I'm getting taxed by the Federal Government, The State of Missouri, The City of Saint Louis, Social Security, and Medicare. Medicare and Social Security are funded differently, and have caps on the amount they take from people. In other words, the rich already pay less of a percentage of their income on those two. (Note this is known as the "payroll tax" instead of the income tax because it taxes only wages instead of general income, and it funds the two best government programs we have).

Do you think it's fair that able-bodied people, even those who aren't even looking for jobs, are given unemployment for up to nine months?

That's just a flat out lie. You have to prove you're looking for work in order to qualify for unemployment. Ask Mank about it.

Do you think it's fair that politicians have their own tax plans that aren't affected by the same restrictions they impose on others?

Could you rephrase this question, please? I have no idea what you're talking about.

Do you think it's fair that those who work harder achieve more then those who don't?

Except that they don't. I challenge you to find a harder worker than a factory worker, a miner, a police officer, a fireman, a ditch digger, a construction worker, etc. For the most part, they get paid dick. Meanwhile I get paid pretty well for typing on a box all day. And Dick Cheney got paid millions for lobbying the federal government for contracts just because he knew the right people. Capitalism doesn't reward hard work, it rewards skill sets and luck. I'm not saying I have a better economic system, but I am saying call a duck a duck. Just because someone has a lot of money doesn't mean they are a hard worker.

And it's pretty hard to justify the massive extremes of wealth we have in this society. Could one man possibly work a million times harder than the average person? It's fucking insane to suggest so. No, wealth is created, consolidated, retained, and lost in this country by a variety of means. It is proper to analyze them and to construct governmental policy that aims to increase the common good.

It is intellectual laziness to retreat to simplistic mantras and fail to address real claims and grievances. For example, the Bush Administration is proposing eliminating the tax on dividends using the logic that they have already been taxed as corporate profits. That's ridiculous, as pointed out by this cartoon far better than my boring prose could illustrate.

In this particular case, the Administration wants to cut taxes for people doing no work whatsoever. And so your simplistic fallacy is revealed for the idle canard it really is.

Do you think it's fair that married couples pay more in taxes simply because they're betrothed?

Eh, first off, you need to learn what betrothed really means. Second, the so called "Marriage Penalty" only affected a few people at the top of the income scale and was blown way out of proportion by the Republicans. Third, ummm, it's already been fixed, pal. You're arguing a dead issue, this was laid to rest in Bush's first tax cut.

Do you think it's fair that people who pay more in taxes should be left out when tax cuts are proposed?

I didn't propose tax cuts. Do you think it's fair that we cut school funding so that we can have tax cuts for the rich? Do you think it's fair to cut medicaid so we can have tax cuts for the rich? Do you think it's fair that the Federal Government is going to have a crippling debt for the rest of your lifetime so that we can have tax cuts for the rich?
What I want to know . . . is why are Democratic leaders supporting tax cuts? The question is not how big the tax cut should be -- the question should be: Can we afford a tax cut at all with the largest deficit in the history of the country?
- Howard Dean

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 11:19 AM
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Why protesting does matter.
This is for all the people who have told me I'm wasting my time. Maybe I am, but maybe I'm not. What are you doing to further your cause?

Bush is a bewildered, confounded and miserably perplexed man. ^_^

posted by Weston at 10:24 AM
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More Dean

Fight the power, Dean! =)

posted by Weston at 10:13 AM
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wThursday, March 27, 2003

Man, I'm so depressed. I'd quit, but that means being ok with giving up everything.

posted by Weston at 11:18 PM
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A Debate - Make Fun of Weston and Andy
Thnts02 - Weston
AJSB1986 - Andy

Thnts02: "You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best
golfer is a black guy, The Swiss hold the America's Cup, France is accusing the
U.S. of arrogance, and Germany doesn't want to go to war."
--Dave Paulsen

AJSB1986: I agree
Thnts02: You poor liberal bastards and bitches just can't stand the fact that an overwhelming majority
of Americans want to forcibly remove Saddam from power. You'll just be beside yourselves
when the liberation of Iraq results in the de-stabilization of OPEC.
Philip Zuspan

Thnts02: Then there's the other side.
AJSB1986: Btw, I find it amusing that people were predicting doom and gloom when they said this war would shoot the prices of oil up from 30 something a barrel to 100 something.
AJSB1986: Currently they're at 20 something
Thnts02: I didn't hear anyhting about oil prices, but they'll go up if the Iraqis start burning
Thnts02: On the other hand, if we get all the oil we want, yeah it's gonna go down.
Thnts02: And they'll rake in the cash hand over fist.
Thnts02: But, that's cool right?
AJSB1986: Bull shit. All the oil in Iraq at the moment sold wouldn't be more then a few million, and we're spending billions in there.
Thnts02: There's a difference between government money and corporate money before it changes hands.
AJSB1986: Iraq has 430000 or so troops for some few millions of dollars worth of oil.
Thnts02: On hand.
Thnts02: They're also sitting on the 3rd largest resevor of oil around.
AJSB1986: But look at this, Kuwait and the UAE have 60000 troops but nearly twice as much oil
AJSB1986: Why don't we fabricate a threat and go there?
AJSB1986: I heard second largest, but I defer.
Thnts02: Because they're our allies. It's not just oil
Thnts02: Bush couldn't get Bin Ladin, a serious creep who needs to be gotten
AJSB1986: It's not oil at all, we should give Iraq their oil after ridding them of Saddam.
AJSB1986: Help them rebuild their country
Thnts02: After that failure, he needs a victory, and if he beats someone up, he gets kudos
AJSB1986: And you don't think we're working towords Bin LAden?
Thnts02: Where do we go, though?
AJSB1986: Failure?!
Thnts02: Where's Bin Laden Andy
AJSB1986: They said it would take years and we ARE making progress.
Thnts02: Where? Do you know? Nobody know
Thnts02: Listen
Thnts02: Seriously.
AJSB1986: I am being serious
Thnts02: Yeah, but stop trying to reply, and listen.
AJSB1986: k
Thnts02: Ok. ^_^
Thnts02: Point 1. - Bush wants to get re-elected, right?
Thnts02: Well, we did a decent job on the Taliban, but we didn't get Al Queda, or Bin Ladin. Bush wanted to nab him, because the economy plummeted and he was doing an overall shitty job.
Thnts02: People were starting to grumble, and nobody was predicting he'd win the next election, because he couldn't ride 9-11 that long.
Thnts02: Without Bin Laden, he needed another victory, and quicker then beating the Al Queda, considering that's gonna take a while.
Thnts02: So, who do we go after? Well, as long as we're manufaturing a fall guy, why not bust the man that your dad failed to get, who has oil that you and your cronies would be happy to have?
Thnts02: Saddam
Thnts02: you can say things now. = )
AJSB1986: "why not bust the man that your dad failed to get"
And Clinton too. this is not just a Bush thing, this is an American President thing.
AJSB1986: And about the oil? The left just loves to paint the Bushes as oil barons with a heart of pure malice and greed. If that was a requirement I'm glad I'm moderate.
Thnts02: Hold on. That's why . It's not painting Bush as anything. You have to debate that Bush isn't manufacturing the war first.
AJSB1986: And I've posted again on the blog
Thnts02: Neat
AJSB1986: Jesus
AJSB1986: Both you and Vi said "neat" at the exact same time
Thnts02: Dude, we do that constantly
AJSB1986: Teh House and Senate voted that they agreed with Bush. I've listed all teh countries who agree with him. Blix said that Iraq never fuly complied. How is this a fabrication?
Thnts02: brb
Thnts02: ::Have to read your article, since you brought it up::
AJSB1986: ok, gonna be posting another soon
AJSB1986: hehe
Thnts02: 'S cool
Thnts02: Macedonia? Dude, fuck that.
AJSB1986: So they don't count?
AJSB1986: At what size of a country does it not count? How many people does it take before their opinion matters?
Thnts02: Argument 1 : These countrys are either 1 - Poor as shit. Have nothing to lose by saying that they'll vote in return for cash. (See refereances to Coliiton of the Bribed) or 2 - Generally play the U.K. counterpart. (Agree with the US no matter what)
Thnts02: At what size of a country does it not count? How many people does it take before their opinion matters?
Thnts02: A good point. Here's how it works.
Thnts02: A lot of these countries are poor. We give them donations if they agree to play nice with us and vote our way.
AJSB1986: Teh media dutifully reports money going to Turkey, why not a peep about other bribes?
Thnts02: They don't really field troops, or donate money, or anything, they can't really afford to.
Thnts02: Maybe you haven't been paying attention, but if you look carefully about, there's news in passing about other donations. Turkey's only the most important because of airspace. We actually need something from them. nobody gives a goddam about fucking Macedonia.
AJSB1986: Whats the population of Macedonia?
Thnts02: Can't tell you. But I remember their avarage income. It's all about what they can donate.
Thnts02: Avarage income? 400$ a person, per year as of 1999.
Thnts02: (It stood out in my history textbook, wanna check the fact to make sure I'm on? That might prove my point, but it's up to you.)
AJSB1986: So in a world where the votes of countries should make us reconsider what we're doing, some are more equal then others?
Thnts02: No, it's their motivation.
Thnts02: Why are they voting? We gave them money, and they have nothing to lose.
Thnts02: Technically, it may be fair, but it's still horseshit.
Thnts02: And that's just the colition.
Thnts02: As far as Blix goes, he said, before we told the UN to take a flying leap, that Saddam was, in fact compliying. Just a footnote of course. What's the real point is, it doesn't matter if Saddam has the weapons at all.
Thnts02: He can't do anything with them to hurt us.
AJSB1986: Sell them
AJSB1986: and he could hurt others
Thnts02: It's just jingoism to make him sound dangerous enough to beat us with
Thnts02: So? Anyone with bombs and guns can hurt others. Does it matter how?
AJSB1986: Bah
Thnts02: Wait, wait
Thnts02: So, just because someone might attack someone else maybe, we should bomb them?
Thnts02: Hold the phone! Nobody's safe!
AJSB1986: He has them out of compliance with UN regulations
Thnts02: So? You're assuming he has them. Nobodies found them
AJSB1986: Yes I am
Thnts02: So, you're okay with blowing up people on a might. Good for you.
AJSB1986: No. It's logical. He was trying to make nukes
Thnts02: Really? Prove it.
AJSB1986: Teh Tubing used for enriching plutonium.
AJSB1986: Sorry, Uranium
Thnts02: Did they find, oh, Uranium?
AJSB1986: Does it matter? He was making the attempt.
Thnts02: Yes it matters.
Thnts02: Besides, if you want to make the "Out of UN compliance" Let's bomb the fuck out of Isreal.
AJSB1986: So let me get this straight. We can go into Iraq to find the proof, but before we can, we need the proof that we can only obtain by going in there?
Thnts02: What the hell do you think Inspectors are?
AJSB1986: Being led on a wild goose chase.
Thnts02: Oh? They were doing a pretty good job. Patiance is not your strong suit.
Thnts02: Besides, like I said, you want to hound Iraq about possibly doing something wrong maybe, you can sure as hell bet we should be on North Korea's case. Or Isreals. Maybe you're just cool with the double standard.
AJSB1986: We have photographic evidence of materials being shipped out of a place as they approched. They've been turned back or purposly delayed at points. Patince is not a strong suit when it's useless.
AJSB1986: We don't go to North Korea for a bloody good reason
Thnts02: Hmm?
AJSB1986: They DO have nukes.
Thnts02: Yes.
Thnts02: Ohhhhhh, I get it
Thnts02: We have to get Saddam before he actually does something wrong.
AJSB1986: What's less casualties? Nuclear war or us stratigicly wiping out the Republican Gaurd?
Thnts02: Because if they do do something wrong, it's to scary.
Thnts02: what's right?
AJSB1986: I'm sorry, I'm jsut trying to avoid as many casualties as I can.
Thnts02: I'd be proud to do the right thing over the easy thing. North Korea says they'll turn us into a lake of fire. How is that ok with you?
AJSB1986: Containment.
Thnts02: Oh, so containment isn't ok with Saddam? Why?
AJSB1986: Becasue Getting rid of him is easier and less hassle.
Thnts02: Oh, so it's easier to kill him, and take his stuff, which means he'll be a pushover when Bush needs an easy victory to make him popular in the states. Thank you, Andy, for proving my point.
AJSB1986: *Shakes is head* Thats all the debating for tonight, we've reached a brick wall.

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Live from Bhagdad

Trust me on this one. Just take a look. Props to Eric for the link.

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Most annoying thing of the day? That listtle Casualty thing off to the side. How, why, and extinuating circumstances don't matter, they just count. If a person was hit by a truck, and then a fire fight breaks out in the area? A stray bullet hits the corpse, he's counted. If Iraqi anti-aircraft fire rains back down (Which kills way more innocents then our bombs do) They're counted too. But, I'm not going to say to take it off. You can have all the Liberal-biased crap up here ya want. I still support Bush's actions in Iraq, no matter what that lil counter says.

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Some of this stuff has been talked about, then moved on. But seeing as my connection has not been relaible for some days now, I'm just getting to a bit of this news.

The Coalition of the Willing is a silly name in my opinion. But regardless, how many of you know who's all in it? I've heard alot about how we're giving France, Germany, and Russia the finger, along with the rest of Europe. While bits of this may be true, we have alot more support then some would think. The following countries ahve done things ranging from lending us the use of their airspace to downright sending troops in.

Australia, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Gungary, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, the UAE, Ukraine, UK. Addition C of W allies include Armenia, Denmark, Israel, Japan, Oman, Poland, as well as several additional members of the "Vilnius Group," whose leaders last month signed a statement in support of the American position: Estonia, Lativia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Albania(I've got a neighbor from there), and Macedonia.

Despite all that, it doesn't mean a thing without some 4 countries who are farther away then half of that list?

Also about the tax cut stuff being bounced around in the House and Senate. CBS and others have been polling Americans with leading questions such as, "Is Bush's tax plan fair to all Americans?" or, "Does the Bush plan favor the rich?" So much for impartiality. Here are a few questions I'd like for you to think about.

Do you think it's fair that the people who use Government services the least pay the highest taxes?
Do you think it's fair that able-bodied people, even those who aren't even looking for jobs, are given unemployment for up to nine months?
Do you think it's fair that politicians have their own tax plans that aren't affected by the same restrictions they impose on others?
Do you think it's fair that those who work harder achive more then those who don't?
Do you think it's fair that married couples pay more in taxes simply becasue they're betrothed?
Do you think it's fair that people who pay more in taxes should be left out when tax cuts are proposed?

Also I took the dictator quiz. I don't think I found one answer I liked or would have done in that entire quiz, so I'm not sharing the results.
There will be more later, á bientôt.

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Oh, look, they admit how invaluable oil fields are! But I don’t think ol’ Teddy would like an aircraft being named after him to be used like that.

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Government says: Fast, pray.

Can someone tell me if this shit is real?

Confirmation: Could somebody take this seriously?

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Something Else to Buy Me

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Lindenwood buys Belleville West for $1. Is there a reason why it’s only $1? I mean, if that’s what abandoned buildings cost, why are there so many left empty in Fairvew?

But somehow, this is a good deal?
"How much money has the school given District 201? We're on financial watch. Here the city doesn't give us anything, but they give it to Lindenwood?" Wolford asked. "I'm sure as I'm standing here right now, that you're going to vote for this and it's going to be another public catastrophe."

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Got my essay back, and there was an interesting comment. Apparently, my teacher is anti-war and is attending the unions march(Lou's not alone, from what I hear several SWIC union members are going) Sunday. Wai! Well, the part of the essay with the comment is a clip from George Orwell's essay You and the Atomic Bomb:

But suppose—and really this is the likeliest development—that the surviving great nations make a tactic agreement never to use the atomic bomb against one another? Suppose they use it, or the threat of it, against people who are unable to retaliate?

His comment:

Yeah—US vs. Iraq…

I found that quite interesting. =)

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Take a look at Bush, underneath the skin.

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Requiescant In Pace
TOMPAINE.com - Too Smart For Congress, Too Tough For Academia

Pat Moynihan was one of those exasperating individuals who actually knew the meaning of words. He was a real liberal -- unorthodox and open to new ideas, free of dogma and tolerant of others. Boy, could that make mere politicians mad.

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Ian McKellen sure is gay.
Violet hates Dan Barret, but I think he's A-ok in my book. In any case, he wrote some stuff on the war which is backed up with history. The essay works on the premise of a best case senerio - that Bush really is trying to install democracy in Iraq.

Then he tells us why it's still doomed to fail. = )

Click on New Year's resolution. His webpage has the super-irritating trait of never changing the address when you click on link, so I can't directly link you.

Update: But I can. -Matt

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Hey, Ian McKellen's site is updated with X-Men 2 stuff. It's long, it's ponderous, it's gay - in short, a typical Ian McKellen reflection.

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Ok, I'm late for work today. Because the master bastard was on NPR this morning. Paul Krugman just kicked the shit out of this wanker from the Heritage Foundation. My favorite quote: "A nine year old could have devised a better economic stimulus plan than the administration has proposed."

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Hey folks, it looks like I'm gonna be stuck in Carbondale since my usual ride back has been adamant about not giving me a ride, coming back or not. At least, she sure hasn't helped me at all. = P
Anyhow, anyone willing to make the trip out here? I'll need a ride back,and I'm not going to spend 100$ for bus fare, but if not, I'll live with that too. I just wanted to help out for once, but it's looking iffy. Let me know, okay?

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wWednesday, March 26, 2003

I would nearly blow up the world, wouldn't I? Still, I kinda like Castro - he reminds me of Santa.
Santa's a communist too. Think about it.

By dictator standards, you're not that bad. Sure you almost started world war 3, but the treatment of your people is moderate. You're a saint compared to the guy before you that you kicked out, so your people tolerate you. However, you're ability to stand up to America has made you one of the more popular dictators. Hardly a movie star… but hay, it's a start!

What tin-pot dictator are you? Take the "What Dictator am I?" test at PoisonedMinds.com

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CNN links:

I'm Gonna Git Ya, Olive-skinned Boy! Read for a good laugh.

GI's With Blogs. It even has some links posted.

More news on the Texas sodomy case. Let’s pray that it gets overturned, so we can revel in the freedom it will bring. In a world insane with a government that will arrest you for just being curious, people like me need cases like this to restore our hope in the world.

Whoo hoo! My first real post. How did I do? Am I meeting the criteria so far? ...YAY! I found a way to edit posts!

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::looks around:: Well, here I am. I can't honestly say that I'll have too much to add, but in those really rare cases when I do I would like the opportunity to post them somewhere outside my journal. Matt put the rules down for me, and seeing as I am a guest, all I can say is “fair enough.” This is your blog, Matt, and I plan to abide by your rules. ::bows respectfully:: I’m really sorry that I hurt your feelings before. I’ll do better =)

Hmm, since I have nothing else to add, I’ll post the results of my quiz.

You managed to piss off western countries by killing innocent people to get you're hands on oil fields that don't belong to you! That's THEIR job, so a task force was sent to kick you up the backside. They succeeded, but you managed to make them look stupid when it was reviled that the American armed forces had somehow shot down four times as many missiles then you actually owned, and the UK was selling you guns and weapon parts while at war to use against them! So "daddy's little boy" is after you now. Considering what happened the last time, I bet you're SO scared!

What tin-pot dictator are you? Take the "What Dictator am I?" test at PoisonedMinds.com

Imagine that.

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Salon.com News | Feds find California power manipulation

Read this, and remember it. And then next time some lying corporate swine tell you that environmentalists caused the California energy crisis, inform them of their error.

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Well done comrade! You're one of the big boys! When you're not holding speeches about how everyone is equal in the communist society, you're busy living the high-life while millions starve, freeze or get worked to death! You zany person you!

What tin-pot dictator are you? Take the "What Dictator am I?" test at PoisonedMinds.com

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Well, the consensus is Salam Pax is the real thing, so I'll post a link. Of course, he hasn't posted for a few days either. But it's definately interesting. (He's an Iraqi living in Baghdad, and his blog is the hot new thing).

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The Power of Christ Compels You!
Pope Endorses Antiwar Movement (washingtonpost.com)

VATICAN CITY -- The vast antiwar movement in the world shows that a "large part of humanity" has rejected the idea of war as a means of resolving conflicts between nations, Pope John Paul II said in a message released Tuesday.
The pope, a staunch opponent of the U.S.-led war in Iraq, sent his message to Roman Catholic military chaplains attending a Vatican-organized course on humanitarian law.

He cited the "vast contemporary movement in favor of peace" around the world and said he took "comfort and hope" from the efforts for peace by various religions.
Hey, if the Pope wants me to keep protesting, who am I to disagree?

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The Onion has the best coverage of the war. Operation: Piss Off The Planet

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wTuesday, March 25, 2003

Hey, umm...
I need your help. I am writing you today because I need your financial support now, before March 31.

Next week, my campaign faces an important test of strength. March 31st is the deadline for filing first-quarter fundraising reports with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). These reports are public record and are carefully scrutinized by political opponents and the media. By giving your financial support today, you will show the press, political insiders and party activists that I am a candidate with a message that works and the ability to run a strong campaign.

The Democratic Party needs to look itself in the mirror and start speaking up for what it believes in. It needs a leader willing to take a stand. I hope I have shown you I can be that leader. I hope I have proven over the past months that I am committed to the issues that matter most to you and to doing the right thing-even when it means standing alone. Now is your chance to stand with me.

We can do it. We will do it.
We need you to contribute generously to my presidential campaign before the FEC deadline of midnight, March 31st. By giving now, your contribution (of up to $250) will be doubled by federal matching funds. The federal limit on individual giving at this time is $2,000.

- Howard Dean
I know we've got a war on and all... but give if you can. And ask others to do the same. Right now, money is the invisible primary. It's a snowball effect. Every dollar given now gets doubled (by the federal government) and then counts for more later as the really rich democrats see that Dean has support. So please give if you can. I have.


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If this is for what I think it is, I'm very, very happy: Bush Offers Turkey $8.5 Billion in loans.

Please, please, give us Kurdistan.

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Hey, let's welcome Violet to the team. Despite my distaste for her desire for me to tone down my strong language (Bush is a dumbshit and Ashcroft is a nazi!) she's been given free reign to post on here. (Unless the Fourth Communist International disagrees with her, then we censor!)

Remember, you too can post on here if you ask nice and agree to spellcheck before posting.

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I just got an e-mail at work by my boss's boss's secretary inviting me to attend a "Support The Troops" Rally tomorrow. I managed to avoid sending her the picture I just mentioned. No need to get fired.

But wait a minute. I read through the e-mail. It's being sponsored by 104.1 The Mall... which is owned by... Clear Channel Communications. Great. Corporate Rallies stage for the benefit of the citizenry.

I wonder if they're going to complain about the Republican Congress cutting Veteran's benefits? I kinda doubt it.

Update: The Republicans caved today. That doesn't mean they don't want to screw Veterans - they just don't like getting caught doing it.

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I just saw some of the Al Jazeera pictures of "Collateral Damage". The kid looked about 6, it was hard to tell with his skull blown off though. No, I'm not linking to it.

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Oh jeez
But the coalition remains a work in progress. After initially including Angola in the coalition of the willing last week, the White House removed the country without explanation, as first noted by Agence France-Presse. Angolan embassy officials didn't respond yesterday to phone calls. With luck, Angola can be replaced by Morocco, if a report yesterday by UPI is to be believed. According to the wire service, Morocco's weekly al Usbu' al-Siyassi claimed that Morocco has offered 2,000 monkeys to help detonate land mines.

An official at the Moroccan Embassy could not confirm the presence of monkeys in the coalition of the willing.
I could not make this up.

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Protest Idea from Violet:
The General Plan:

I buy an assload of either red face paint or fake blood, whatever is more available. When we get together we're going to have to apply it to each other. I want it coming out of our ears, dripping from our noses, sliding down our chins, covering our foreheads. I'd like each person to have a different pattern.

Next, the possibility of hair. If I can find maroon hair color spray, we could apply it liberally to a couple people to respresent head wounds, but we would definately have to mess the hair up a bit first with hair spray to make it look matted with blood. I want some fake blood to drip down the sides of those people's faces, too, where the wounds apply.

White T-shirts are a must. I think we could write "I am an Iraqi Citizen" with magic marker on them. Posters could strain the neck a bit. I really think it would be better to write it on the shirt directly, that's the method I prefer. But we should also tear them up a bit. Apply fake blood around some of the tears. Spritz the shirts red around tears and other places with dilluded red india ink, but not to the point where it's over-done. We can also dillude it to where a little amount can go a long way, because india ink is very strong. To make it more realistic, I could try to add a tinge of brown, but I'm not very good with making that succeed.

What I need you to do:

I need a list of who is going, and what size T-shirt they wear. Otherwise, I'm buying packs of Large and everyone can deal with it, too big or too small. I need to know how much to get. Feel free to post it here or on your blog, or e-mail me. I check all 3. But I need the numbers by Friday at the latest.

When we meet, it would be best if we had a lot of time, at least an hour before you plan to leave, to get everyone ready. Everyone needs to pitch in with applying spray and makeup! I say we pair up into 2s or so and work on each other. I still have brushes from school that I can bring to use, and I'll try to find some junk bowls to put paint in, and I reccomend everyone try to bring some bowls of their own so we have enough to go around.

Also, I want to know what dinner plans are, are we hanging out afterword, or are we going to be scooted home?

What I will do:

I will be buying the supplies Friday, and we already discussed reinbursement so I'm okay with fronting it(it's kind of tuition money at this ponit, otherwise I wouldn't fuss, but I'll pay my fair share). Friday/Saturday I'll be slashing the T-Shirts, writing on them and spritzing them red, and since I'll have to let them dry on hangars to not stain anything they might run a bit. Sorry. Sunday, I'll need to know a time when to expect Buuie, and we'll go from there.

If there are any questions or comments, send 'em my way

Violet needs numbers if you're interested. Also, we might attend different marches. Remember, they have a bunch of different marches converging into one huge rally in Forest Park. Lou wanted to go with the Unions (but he's the only Union member going), I wanted to walk with the kids, but a bunch of bloody college students might be better off at the college march.

Also - I need to give the instead of war people a rough headcount of who's coming and what march they're going to - so please leave a note if you're coming AND how many people you're bringing.

Remember: http://www.insteadofwar.org

P.S. I was planning dinner afterwards, Violet, but plans are still tentative until I know who and how many are coming.

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Harry on Ain't It Cool News is reporting that Indiana Jones 4 will not have Nazis in it. Damn.

And is it just me, or are the ads for those annoying X10 cameras getting closer and closer to porn all the time?

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Thank you. Now I can stop my crash course in Arabic. Al Jazeera in English.

Update: You want to know what's really funny? Their slogan is "Objective and Balanced." That's too good to be true. Someone should point out that Americans usually use the word "Fair".

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Milosevic ally pleads not guilty at Hague
Vojislav Seselj, 48, is accused of directing paramilitary troops who allegedly murdered and tortured non-Serbs in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia during the 1991-93 conflict.

"Never in my life have I tortured anyone. I am not guilty," he told the Yugoslavia war crimes tribunal in the Hague, Netherlands, a month after surrendering to the UN court and vowing to make a circus of proceedings he claims are biased against Serbs.
While there is a war going on, remember - we've got to focus on Serbia too. After all, we bombed the shit out of them not to long ago. Fun Fact: Did you know the Taliban were our allies in Bosnia? True story.

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Can someone confirm or deny the whereabouts of Mary Cheney? (via Atrios)

And here's a run-down on the coalition of the bribed.

Hey, the Iranians are firing on us. Wonderful. I was just expecting a bloody mess in Iraq with thousands of innocent civilian deaths, but hey - we might get a huge regional conflict that spreads from country to country. GET YOUR WAR ON.

Whenever Barry McCaffrey comes on TV, I scream "War Criminal" and y'all look at me funny. Here's why. (Yes it IS long, dammit, but it's also important.)

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Those of you who have broadband and like to watch things might consider going here: http://www.onlisareinsradar.com/archives/daily_show_interviews/index.php

She's got movie clips of Eric Alterman AND Micheal Moore on the Daily Show. (Plug Alterman one more time: What Liberal Media?)

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Wow, a lot of comments last night. While I was out drinking last night quite a few comments got added to some of the things I posted right before I left work. Well, it's good to know someone is paying attention.

First, the lies. I posted that the missiles that had been fired at our troops in Kuwait were not Scuds. This is important, because Scuds are banned weapons (for Iraq), and some conservative commentators immediately seized upon this (incorrect) information to show that Iraq was a very naughty nation and deserved to be spanked.

Now, as most of you know, even if Iraq is found to be in breach of 1441 (or any of the other resolutions banning certain types of weapons) the issue was supposed to be "remanded to the Security Council for further consideration". The language did not say "If we even so much as think you have these weapons, we get to drop thousands of bombs on your heads." I thought I might need to mention that again.

Now, on the Chemical Plant business, I saw Fox* (I was at Stolze's, and had a rare opportunity to watch Fascist** news with a real Fascist) reporting that the U.S. had found a "Huge Chemical Weapons Plant" now it looks like it might be more appropriate to call it a pharmaceutical factory. To clarify, absolutely no Weapons of Mass Destruction have been used or found in Iraq. Well, on their side. I'm not sure what else you could call a MOAB.

And as far as the erosion of our civil liberties goes... ummm. If you don't have a problem with this, maybe you should move to China, you Unamerican Bastard! Oh wait, no, that would be insulting someone personally and impugning their patriotism because I disagree with their political beliefs. And even though mine are in the constitution (and their beliefs are in violation of it), I don't think that would be right (and even though I can't count the number of times I've been told to go to Iraq/France/Over there[by the geographically challenged]). Well, it would be the right thing to do, but it would also be the wrong thing. Not the correct thing. Woo, Homonyms!

For more on the raping of the Bill of Rights, check out Bartcop's analysis.

* Who do you think is more biased, Al Jazeera or Fox News?

** Now now, before you get too upset about my usage of the word "Fascist" (note I did not say Nazi) here's the scoop from an expert:

"Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power." - Benito Mussolini

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More on Clear Channel
Who has been organizing those pro-war rallies? The answer, it turns out, is that they are being promoted by key players in the radio industry — with close links to the Bush administration.

The CD-smashing rally was organized by KRMD, part of Cumulus Media, a radio chain that has banned the Dixie Chicks from its playlists. Most of the pro-war demonstrations around the country have, however, been organized by stations owned by Clear Channel Communications, a behemoth based in San Antonio that controls more than 1,200 stations and increasingly dominates the airwaves.
Nobody does it, like Krugman - Baby, you're the best!

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wMonday, March 24, 2003

More Lies
The Pentagon is playing down reports that US troops have found a "huge" chemical weapons factory in the town of Najaf, 100 miles south of Baghdad.

Sky's Washington correspondent Keith Graves says it now appears as if the facility has not been manufacturing chemical or biological weapons.
I really suggest you all adopt my policy of not believing any of these claims nor reacting to them, as almost everything we've been told thus far has been shown to be false. Only believe something if CNN, the BBC, and Al-Jazeera agree.

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You no longer live in a free country.

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Goodness Gracious, I just had a 3 and a half hour long meeting. Work intrudes upon blogging. =(

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I don't really want to post too much on the war, as it makes my stomach sick. But here's one of the first personal accounts on Iraqi Civilian Casualties. Those of you who listen to the BBC have heard similar such stories. Keep in mind that we pretty much have a press blackout here - The U.S. Government controls much of what reporters can say to you. Of course, you could watch Al Jazeera and come up with an opposite and even more biased opinion, but we won't know the truth about this war until at least 6 months after it's over. That said, I'd just like to point out a recent lie that haa been repeated on the news recently:

Iraq has NOT fired scuds at us. Every single news channel that continues to say so is a lying propaganda machine.

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Moore's Remarks
Whoa. On behalf of our producers Kathleen Glynn and Michael Donovan from Canada, I'd like to thank the Academy for this. I have invited my fellow documentary nominees on the stage with us, and we would like to — they're here in solidarity with me because we like nonfiction. We like nonfiction and we live in fictitious times. We live in the time where we have fictitious election results that elects a fictitious president. We live in a time where we have a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons. Whether it's the fictition of duct tape or fictition of orange alerts we are against this war, Mr. Bush. Shame on you, Mr. Bush, shame on you. And any time you got the Pope and the Dixie Chicks against you, your time is up. Thank you very much.
And now the "Liberal Media" is claiming he was booed off stage. Everyone I've talked to seemed to have a different impression. Any comments from any one who actually bothered to watch the Oscars?

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wSaturday, March 22, 2003

"George Bush, take a good look at this man, cause you took my only son away from me," Michael Watersbey said, holding up a picture of his son.

from CNN via Kos

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Alright, I got the body count thing to work. Remember, because of the slowness of the news, it's probably days (or weeks) behind the truth. But it's the best thing we have to know just how many people YOUR government is murdering.

Last night several people said they planned to join me on March 30th. You should come too.

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wFriday, March 21, 2003

If we must have war, let it be this. You know, they almost make it sound respectable, but then again, these are soldiers, not politicians.

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Carl with a K has posted a different video than C-Span, and actually has a transcript up. If you can, watch instead of read.

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I normally don't post too many things like this, out of fear of Godwin's Law, but Mike liked it, so I'll put it up.*
Today, as we face financial and political crises, it's useful to remember that the ravages of the Great Depression hit Germany and the United States alike. Through the 1930s, however, Hitler and Roosevelt chose very different courses to bring their nations back to power and prosperity.

Germany's response was to use government to empower corporations and reward the society's richest individuals, privatize much of the commons, stifle dissent, strip people of constitutional rights, and create an illusion of prosperity through continual and ever-expanding war. America passed minimum wage laws to raise the middle class, enforced anti-trust laws to diminish the power of corporations, increased taxes on corporations and the wealthiest individuals, created Social Security, and became the employer of last resort through programs to build national infrastructure, promote the arts, and replant forests.
When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History

*I'm not going to equate Bush and Hitler just yet, but he's getting frighteningly close.

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Laugh. Cry.


(Best Issue Yet.)

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Krugman quotes The Onion:
The Onion describes itself as "America's finest news source," and it's not an idle boast. On Jan. 18, 2001, the satirical weekly bore the headline "Bush: Our long national nightmare of peace and prosperity is finally over," followed by this mock quotation: "We must squander our nation's hard-won budget surplus on tax breaks for the wealthiest 15 percent. And, on the foreign front, we must find an enemy and defeat it."
He's dreamy.

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Hey, you paid for it: Iraqi Body Count

Weston, be a dear and download the graphics for this one to a web server somewhere so I can add it here without ripping off their bandwidth.

Update: Weston can't do it right now. Anyone else want to do this for us? I'd be most appreciative and even give you a cookie.

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Brian, Willie, Becca, and Becca's Mom all went with me to the vigil/rally/protest last night. I'm glad I went. Now gear up for the big one. If the war is still happening on March 30th, you should come with us to this: "World Wants Peace" Rally, March 30th.

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wThursday, March 20, 2003

Dennis Miller has become a tremendous wanker.

Thank you and good night.

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Iraq and Beyond If we are present at the creation of a new American empire, we are also present at the creation of another superpower--the largest, most broadly based peace and justice movement in history, a movement that has engaged millions of people here and around the globe. In America, in the weeks and years ahead, this movement confronts several historic challenges. In the long term it must build an alternative foreign policy and sustain its dedication to a nonimperial future. In the short term it must organize to remove the Bush Administration from office and elect new leaders dedicated to international cooperation and peace.

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And now the BBC has a warblog reporting live from Iraq.

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National guardman changed his name to a toy | wkyc.com CUYAHOGA FALLS -- A member of Ohio's 5694th National Guard Unit in Mansfield legally changed his name to a Transformers toy.

Optimus Prime is heading out to the Middle East with his guard unit on Wednesday to provide fire protection for airfields under combat.

(via atrios)

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"We will pass through this time of peril and carry on the work of peace. We will defend our freedom." - President Bush announcing war.
"To those who scare peace-loving people with phantoms of lost liberty, my message is this: Your tactics only aid terrorists, for they erode our national unity and diminish our resolve." - John Ashcroft
Ummm, Ari Fleischer

Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia
"People simply disappeared, always during the night. Your name was removed from the registers, every record of everything you had ever done was wiped out, your one-time existence was denied and then forgotten. You were abolished, annhilated: vaporized was the usual word."
Does anyone but me remember Jose Padillo?
"The Party was trying to kill the sexual instinct, or, if it could not be killed, then to distort it and dirty it"
Abstinence only programs? Of course, sex is for reproduction only.
"If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say this or that even, it never happened—that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death."
SECRETARY RUMSFELD: I have no knowledge of United States companies or government being involved in assisting Iraq develop chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. - Transcript
"Oceania has no capital, and its titular head is a person whose whereabouts nobody knows."
Where's Dick Cheney, again?
"But when war becomes literally continuous, it also ceases to be dangerous"
Use of U.S. Forces Abroad
"It was curious to think that the sky was the same for everybody, in Eurasia or Eastasia as well as here. And the people under the sky were also very much the same—everywhere, all over the world, hundreds or thousands of millions of people just like this, people ignorant of one another's existence, held apart by walls of hatred and lies, and yet almost exactly the same—people who had never learned to think but were storing up in their hearts and bellies and muscles the power that would one day overturn the world."

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I suspect I won't be posting much today, just refresh Google news every 10 minutes if you want to hear new things about the upcoming bloodbath.

But if you ARE still interested in Protesting, the St. Louis Instead of War coalition is having a vigil/rally/action tonight starting at Kiener Plaza at 7:30 PM (that's right across the street from Fridays downtown). I'll be there.

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'You Just Can't Imagine It' The parents of Rachel Corrie, the American woman killed by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza this week, released excerpts of an e-mail message Corrie sent them Feb. 7. This material is taken from that e-mail.

Update: Activist's memorial service disrupted Israeli forces fired teargas and stun grenades yesterday in an attempt to break up a memorial service for Rachel Corrie, the American peace activist killed by an army bulldozer in Gaza on Sunday.

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wWednesday, March 19, 2003

Please print this page as your receipt.
Order Number PP18516

Ship & Bill to:
Matthew Schmidt
(Personal Info Removed)
Title Qty Price
T-Shirt, War is not the Answer, Large, $10.00 1 $10.00
Subtotal $10.00
Shipping & Handling USPS Priority Mail: $3.85
Total $13.85

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Nonetheless, one impact of a war of dubious lawfulness may be the continued erosion of respect for the United States as a nation committed to principles of justice under law. President Bush says that he is justified in using military might because his cause is just. To much of the rest of the world, however, it looks the other way around: that the U.S. and its allies act as they wish because, in the American view, might makes right.

In that respect, a bit of ancient history may be relevant. In Chapter Seventeen of his History of the Peloponnesian War (between Athens and Sparta in the Fifth Century B.C.), Thucydides recounted the reaction of the people of the small neutral island state of Melos to the invading Athenian navy. Before attacking Melos, the Athenians gave the Melians an opportunity to surrender. The Melians attempted to persuade the Athenians to leave them alone. According to Thucydides, the Athenians would have none of it. Questions of justice arise only among equals, the Athenians said, while the strong do what they will and the weak suffer what they must.

The Melians refused to surrender; the Athenians prevailed militarily; they killed the adult Melian males; and they sold the women and children into slavery. But ultimately with aid from Persia (modern-day Iran), Sparta defeated and conquered Athens, which never regained its glory.


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Senate Remarks by Robert C. Byrd
I believe in this beautiful country. I have studied its roots and gloried in the wisdom of its magnificent Constitution. I have marveled at the wisdom of its founders and framers. Generation after generation of Americans has understood the lofty ideals that underlie our great Republic. I have been inspired by the story of their sacrifice and their strength.

But, today I weep for my country. I have watched the events of recent months with a heavy, heavy heart. No more is the image of America one of strong, yet benevolent peacekeeper. The image of America has changed. Around the globe, our friends mistrust us, our word is disputed, our intentions are questioned.

Instead of reasoning with those with whom we disagree, we demand obedience or threaten recrimination. Instead of isolating Saddam Hussein, we seem to have isolated ourselves. We proclaim a new doctrine of preemption which is understood by few and feared by many. We say that the United States has the right to turn its firepower on any corner of the globe which might be suspect in the war on terrorism. We assert that right without the sanction of any international body. As a result, the world has become a much more dangerous place.

We flaunt our superpower status with arrogance. We treat UN Security Council members like ingrates who offend our princely dignity by lifting their heads from the carpet. Valuable alliances are split. After war has ended, the United States will have to rebuild much more than the country of Iraq. We will have to rebuild America's image around the globe.

The case this Administration tries to make to justify its fixation with war is tainted by charges of falsified documents and circumstantial evidence. We cannot convince the world of the necessity of this war for one simple reason. This is a war of choice.

There is no credible information to connect Saddam Hussein to 9/11. The twin towers fell because a world-wide terrorist group, Al Qaeda, with cells in over 60 nations, struck at our wealth and our influence by turning our own planes into missiles, one of which would likely have slammed into the dome of this beautiful Capitol except for the brave sacrifice of the passengers on board.

The brutality seen on September 11th and in other terrorist attacks we have witnessed around the globe are the violent and desperate efforts by extremists to stop the daily encroachment of western values upon their cultures. That is what we fight. It is a force not confined to borders. It is a shadowy entity with many faces, many names, and many addresses.

But, this Administration has directed all of the anger, fear, and grief which emerged from the ashes of the twin towers and the twisted metal of the Pentagon towards a tangible villain, one we can see and hate and attack. And villain he is. But, he is the wrong villain. And this is the wrong war. If we attack Saddam Hussein, we will probably drive him from power. But, the zeal of our friends to assist our global war on terrorism may have already taken flight.

The general unease surrounding this war is not just due to "orange alert." There is a pervasive sense of rush and risk and too many questions unanswered. How long will we be in Iraq? What will be the cost? What is the ultimate mission? How great is the danger at home? A pall has fallen over the Senate Chamber. We avoid our solemn duty to debate the one topic on the minds of all Americans, even while scores of thousands of our sons and daughters faithfully do their duty in Iraq.

What is happening to this country? When did we become a nation which ignores and berates our friends? When did we decide to risk undermining international order by adopting a radical and doctrinaire approach to using our awesome military might? How can we abandon diplomatic efforts when the turmoil in the world cries out for diplomacy?

Why can this President not seem to see that America's true power lies not in its will to intimidate, but in its ability to inspire?

War appears inevitable. But, I continue to hope that the cloud will lift. Perhaps Saddam will yet turn tail and run. Perhaps reason will somehow still prevail. I along with millions of Americans will pray for the safety of our troops, for the innocent civilians in Iraq, and for the security of our homeland. May God continue to bless the United States of America in the troubled days ahead, and may we somehow recapture the vision which for the present eludes us.

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Hey, I got a form letter
Thank you for your contribution to Dean for America.
Your support will help me share a new vision for America that

· Guaranteed access to quality health care for every American.
· An American foreign policy that embraces multi-lateralism, and that would
seek to resolve conflicts in concert with our allies.
· A federal budget that is balanced, because we can only have social justice
if we have a strong fiscal foundation.

Your continued support is critical to our campaign's success. I hope you
also will consider inviting your family, friends, and associates to visit
www.deanforamerica.com and make a contribution to our campaign.

With best wishes,
Howard Dean, MD

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I just gave Dean $50. Voting didn't work, calling my congressmen didn't work, protesting didn't work - I guess I'll just have to try to buy candidates like everybody else.

And now, in a funk, I go to drink this damn war off my mind.

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The War Has Started.

Got your war on? I've got my war on. I've got my bomb the living fuck out of civilians, destroying one out of ten buildings in Baghdad, and killing thousands of people war on!

Woo Hoo! Let's hope they put it on TV, but not the messy parts with bodies and stuff.

Oh, and by the way - the Turks are invading Kurdistan. They're fucked.

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Buy French Now!

Pretzel for Bush!

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Have I mentioned lately that Clear Channel absolutely disgusts me? I even changed stations to avoid listening to their crap a few months ago.

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Ted Rall has a column. This column is syndicated on Yahoo! I read it occasionally.
NEW YORK--Now it's official: most Americans are idiots.

Decades of budget cuts in education are finally yielding results, a fact confirmed by CNN's poll of March 16, which shows that an astonishing 51 percent of the public believe that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was responsible for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
He's like Tom Tomorrow, but meaner.

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I'm not going to sign up (primarily because I've already signed on to do work in the meat-space) but I think it's kinda cool that the Dean Campaign is asking for volunteers to join the Dean Cyber Team and one of the things you can volunteer for is Linux Administration.

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You know, it would be impossible to list the number of musicians opposed to war, but I'll bring up the fact that System Of A Down's new anti-war video debuts on MTV2 tonight (for those of you who watch TV) because it was directed by Micheal Moore.

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I suppose I could post about the war (Turkey's a go for the airspace but a no for the ground troops). But really, that's just depressing. I'll start posting casualty counts after Rumsfeld levels Baghdad. Until then, you just get Howard Dean links: The Candidate, Waging Peace (washingtonpost.com)
"When I was back in my twenties, the Vietnam War was going on," says Dean. "There was a lot of opposition to that war. And in this state, in 1968, there was a senator named Eugene McCarthy who drove an incumbent president, Lyndon Johnson, out of the race." He waits out applause.

"And that's going to happen again," he screams, and before long, you can only make out random words over wild applause ("McCarthy" . . . "Gonna start here in New Hampshire" . . . "Thank you very much.") And on a very tense day -- and aren't they all -- there's an air of festivity here Monday.
Oh fine, in war news: Blix is saying we're acting like dipshits.

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Hmmm, this Dixie Chicks bruhaha won't let up. I've got some advice for the gals.

Don't criticize a racist warmongering dumb shit when most of your audience base is made up of racist warmongering dumb shits. People who play music on NPR (like the oh-so-fabulous Garrison Keilor) can make fun of Bush all day long because their audience base is primarily nice enlightened liberals like myself, not racist warmongering dumb shits like yours.

Link to more

Link to more

Even more

Man, these Rednecks are stupid

So, Rush Limbaugh can call Chelsea Clinton a dog (when she was 13, for Jebus' sake), and that's alright, but criticizing a racist warmongering dumbshit is wrong. I'm halfway surprised that pigfucker hasn't weighed in and asked for warning labels for anti-war artists.

In conclusion, the Dixie Chicks are hot.

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Dean's a Rock Star
With excitement building, Elvis Presley's "A Little Less Conversation" blared through the p.a. system announcing the Governor's presence only he wasn't entering as everyone else had thus far.

Rather than ascend to the podium from behind the safety of a security rope, Governor Dean rose through the crowd of supporters now numbering well over 200. Delegates were on their feet in seconds and the Governor bolted to the podium raising Chairman Torres hand in traditional political fanfare.

More from someone who was at the convention.

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Violet points us to what happens when you let Capitalists run education: The Talented Mr. Spellmann

As an aside, wasn't Matt Damon just great in The Talented Mr. Ripley?

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I'm not going to quote a section of this, because it's all very (insert entertaining, hilarious, enlightening or frightening here):ArabNews: Neo-Totalitarianism

You MUST read. And hat tip to Kurt for throwing it my way.

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If you want to know what kind of person I am, I almost blew myself up when playing with a can of compressed gas used to clean computers and keyboards and a lighter.

Then I did it again and came even closer. The upside? No longer sleepy.

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wTuesday, March 18, 2003

Blast From The Past

This is an interview Dean gave in June 2000, when he was running for his fifth term as Governor. This was just three weeks after he signed the Civil Unions bill, so it focuses on that (and adds a bit more detail to the story).
OITM: How might your support for civil unions influence your prospects for national office and how might it impact your reelection bid in November?

Dean: You can forget about that (national office). It certainly isn’t going to help it any unless someone is looking for someone who says what they think and sticks to their word. That’s not as valued in Washington as it is elsewhere.
Of course we all know that he won in 2000, finished his term earlier this year, and will be elected President in 2004. ;)

Man, I sure posted a lot today. Ok, I'm done now.

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And if you're not so much of a Beastie Boys fan, perhaps you'd prefer a little John Mellencamp?
Eight years of peace and prosperity
Scandal in the White House
An election is what we need
From coast-to-coast to Washington

So America voted on a president
No one kept count
On how the election went
From Florida to Washington

Goddamn, said one side
And the other said the same
Both looked pretty guilty
But no one took the blame
From coast-to-coast to Washington

So a new man in the White House
With a familiar name
Said he had some fresh ideas
But it's worse now since he came
From Texas to Washington

And he wants to fight with many
And he says it's not for oil
He sent out the National Guard
To police the world
From Baghdad to Washington

What is the thought process
To take a humans life
What would be the reason
To think that this is right
From heaven to Washington
From Jesus Christ to Washington

Also available for free download at his website.

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Dean Statement On War:
“Tonight, for better or worse, America is at war. Tonight, every American, regardless of party, devoutly supports the safety and success of our men and women in the field. Those of us who, over the past 6 months, have expressed deep concerns about this President’s management of the crisis, mistreatment of our allies and misconstruction of international law, have never been in doubt about the evil of Saddam Hussein or the necessity of removing his weapons of mass destruction.

"Those Americans who opposed our going to war with Iraq, who wanted the United Nations to remove those weapons without war, need not apologize for giving voice to their conscience, last year, this year or next year. In a country devoted to the freedom of debate and dissent, it is every citizen’s patriotic duty to speak out, even as we wish our troops well and pray for their safe return. Congressman Abraham Lincoln did this in criticizing the Mexican War of 1846, as did Senator Robert F. Kennedy in calling the war in Vietnam 'unsuitable, immoral and intolerable.'

"This is not Iraq, where doubters and dissenters are punished or silenced --this is the United States of America. We need to support our young people as they are sent to war by the President, and I have no doubt that American military power will prevail. But to ensure that our post-war policies are constructive and humane, based on enduring principles of peace and justice, concerned Americans should continue to speak out; and I intend to do so.”

Believe it or not, this came from the Dean Campaign's Official Blog that they just started.

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The One Thing...

...that might make this war palatable.

We are going to invade another nation in clear defiance of international law, world opinion, democratic consensus and our own Constitution. That alone makes it wrong. Nothing can be done at this point to stop it. So what now? What comes next?

Some have advocated various forms of protest and nonviolence. While I respect and believe in those tools as a part of legitimate discourse in a democratic society, I do not think they are necessarily appropriate at this juncture. The war will be short, so any effort to stop it after it begins will be hampered by the fact that the war will be over. Or we'll be bogged down in a situation we can't leave. I thought protesting before a war might do something to prevent it. I never had a hope that Bush didn't want to kill Iraqi children, but I thought Carnahan might've listened to me (if you'll recall, I was arrested before the Senate voted). I now feel like David after his first kid with Bathsheba died. I still respect those who choose to continue more vocal dissent, I just don't think it'll do any good.

But one good thing can come out of this - we can establish a democratic state in the Middle East. Not in Iraq, or at least, not in most of it - but we can create Kurdistan. And we ought to, now with the Turks out of the picture.

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