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wMonday, March 03, 2003

Phrase for the day.
Isen Sleg: Anglo-Saxon word literally meaning "Iron Hammer". Sleg later on went to be in tech word Sledgehammer, and Isen went to Tolkien.

When I took the political compass test, someone asked what my answers were that I could have gotten such a moderate outcome. Well I've thought a bit and read. Reading is fun. And I think it's that where liberties and freedoms are concerned, I'm quite left. I don't mind the KKK and Black Panthers. I don't like the principals they currently stand for even though the original intent was good, but because out the first amendment, they are exactly what America stands for. Freedom.

But in areas where government and politics are concerned I'm more right. Might, force, and violence have, do, and will solve problems. Am I saying we should blow people's heads off because they tick us off? Hell no. But violence should not be looked up ion as taboo in the world as a means of solving problems. To the Japanese we had to remove 2 cities and their inhabitants before they thought maybe kamikaze's and war with us wasn't that great of an idea. It took Antietam and Gettysburg to show the South what they were doing was not only morally wrong, but legally. And I think that we should give Saddam an ultimatim(sp?). He's not cooperating. We know that. We have weapons of mass destruction, other countries do too. But we abide by rules. It's been _proven_ Saddam doesn't.

What else is on Andy's mind....oh yes. Anyone ever heard of Michael Savage? I would think Matt has, as well read as he is. Savage is a talk show host in California who's even more conservative then Limbaugh. He makes a lot of sense in quite a few issues. Immigration, foreign policy, and so forth. But he's also a bit paranoid. He refers to San Francisco as Occupied Territory.

Oh yeah, he refers to Liberalism and Socialism as a mental disease.

Next......Matt's post, Mexican corn farmers and such.
Yeah, no crap. 57% of my family tree are farmers (i.e. the Munies up in norther Fairview, all those fields, and on my dad's side we jahve about a billion Quakers who do nothing but farm nowadays). Importation of cheap foods from America does hurt Mexican Farmers, yes I agree. But what laws can you make about something so fluid as trade?

That's enough for now, I shall welcome rants, flames, and praises alike.

(Oh, side note. Savage does one thing that really pisses me off though. He refers to homosexuality to be a mental disorder. Having quite a few friends who are gay and lesbian, this pisses me the hell off for him to say that. But, being the moderate I am, I'm still reading his book.)

posted by Andrew at 3:58 PM

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