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wWednesday, September 24, 2003

The West's Favorite 'Democrat' (washingtonpost.com):
"Instead of bringing law and order to the nation, as Putin promised to do, he has brought Russian-style order without any law. High-profile investigations launched by the 'law enforcement' authorities are often either politically motivated or intended to redistribute the ownership of property in the interest of Kremlin favorites. According to the CEOs of several businesses, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the character of bribes has changed for the worse. 'Three years ago,' one of my longtime sources told me, 'an FSB [successor to the KGB] guy came and asked $500,000 for 'the right to live and work in the country,' as he put it then. Now they come and request a share of the business.' Several others confirmed the pattern. "
Three years ago, in a Republican debate:
"We know that he was an apparatchik. We know that he was a member of the KGB. We know that he came to power because of the military brutality and massacre that's been taking place in Russia today – I mean in Chechnya today. We know that he worked a deal with Yeltsin, so that Yeltsin would have immunity, and he would be assured of the presidency, rather than basically a contested – I'm very concerned about Mr. Putin. I'm afraid Mr. Putin might be one of those who wants to make the trains run on time."
- Sen. John McCain
Tolerating Putin's Evil Empire - Why Bush is ignoring the latest Russian crackdown. :
"Russia's role in the war on terrorism will be at the top of the agenda when U.S. President George W. Bush meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin later this week. Bush wants Russian troops in Iraq, help with North Korea, and cooperation with derailing Iran's nuclear aspirations. In return, he'll illustrate the harsh reality behind U.S. rhetoric about promoting democracy by largely ignoring the ways in which Putin has been undermining its foundations in Russia. "

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 9:09 AM

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