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wFriday, June 27, 2003

Riding High on a Beautiful Wave

A little under a year ago this administration started making noise about going to war with a petty dictatorship.

Up until that point I'd viewed most of what they'd done as stupid, but ultimately reversible. The tax cuts that forced cuts in state budgets had less effect then, the recession that was keeping my friends from finding jobs looked to be ending, and I thought we had a decent shot of undoing all their damage when President Kerry was inaugurated in 2004.

I fought against the war, believing it to be a foolish endeavor unrelated to our continuing struggle against a worldwide network of religious terrorists bent on destroying western values. And I watched the Democrats in Washington crumble before a President who's shallow popularity intimidated them. And whose own agenda increasingly resembles that of a religious fanatic intent on destroying western values.

And I saw a third tier Presidential Candidate stand up and say "No." That wasn't the first time I'd heard of Howard Dean. But I hadn't heard of him since I'd forwarded a news article to my friends Julie and Maria telling them that if they wanted to get married, they could move to Vermont. And so I looked online, and I found I wasn't alone. Apparently a lot of other people did too.

These past few months have been so invigorating for me. But they've all been prepping for the race. We start in St. Louis this weekend. Thousands of people come to Pridefest. If one percent of them sign on with the campaign, we triple our presence in St. Louis. That's really how significant it is.

Pridefest St. Louis is in Tower Grove Park, 11-8 both days. I'll be at the Dean booth both days. If you can come help out, spread the word, etc., please come join us.

If now, why don't you take a minute to send a few bucks to the campaign? We've got to get those fundraising numbers up for the second quarter -- that's the biggest story this month among people who know, not the moveon.org primary. Imagine the headlines if we beat the big money men in money.

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 10:09 PM

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