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wFriday, April 04, 2003

Half of this is the point of view is "Devil's Advocate", the other half is my own.
Violet: How was Chris Rock silenced? Becasue untill you wrote about it, I personally hadn't heard of it. Did men in black suits drive up? Did the government hold a gun to his head? Did they threaten to never let him make another movie ever again? How? And yes, I believe there is a line certain people should not cross when being questioned or detained. The journalist in question crossed it.
How do you live in fear? This isn't fear. Fear is huddling in your basement with troops overhead, searching every door and window. You have to excercise Common Sense in America, not caution.

Speaking of which, common sense is apparently a rare commodity. In California, protesters complained they were intentionally being provoked by police when the police donned flag bandannas under their riot helms. (They wore riot gear as a procaution, no riot broke out, and there was no violence). I'm sorry, but if they have the right to march in the street, the police could wear a swastika bandanna for all it manners.

Speaking of which, who would be offended if I wore a swastika on my shirt?

Next, Matt.
1: Last I saw they had somewhere near 12 years. I guess the administration was just wanting to bust in there and not give Saddam the satisfaction of watching us helplessly chomp at the bit.
2: Why he's gaurding these, I don't know. I'd guess it's the same as the American WOMD stores. It doesn't have to be shown to the public if he doesn't want to.
3: Our Puppets? No. It's the same thing as the Dixie Chicks though. They voiced their opinion, now the public is voicing their's. Consumer Boycott.
4: I'm not sure what that is.
5: I don't know.
6: I'm not an economist. I don't knwo who's tax cuts have helped or hindered.

posted by Andrew at 6:56 PM

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