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wTuesday, April 22, 2003

Earth Day

Howard Dean
As an outdoorsman, I have experienced the incredible power of the natural world. I am horrified by what the Bush Administration is doing to our land, our air, and our water. The United States must play a leading role in combating climate change and the ongoing loss of the world's diversity and natural heritage.

We need an energy policy, and President Bush has none-unless you consider drilling and destroying the Arctic Natural Wildlife Refuge an energy policy. We need to bring the public back into public lands, instead of making decisions with special interest groups behind closed doors... Read More
John Edwards
On Earth Day, our country needs real leadership on many critical issues: safeguarding the water our children drink, preserving our national parks and forests, and achieving energy independence while addressing dangerous climate changes are just a few. But on a day when thousands gather outside to celebrate conservation, it's disappointing to find the Bush administration working behind closed doors to weaken our clean air laws.

Anyone who has watched this president cut his own education plan by $1 billion this year alone and still call it "Leave No Child Behind" knows better than to trust a name like the "Clear Skies Initiative"... Read More
Dick Gephardt
Earth Day serves as a clear reminder that we need a new president in Washington who puts the environment first every day. President Bush said he cares about the environment. Yet he opposed the Kyoto global warming treaty, tried to drill for oil in our precious natural lands, undermined a partnership with the auto industry to develop more fuel-efficient cars and has set about dismantling federal clean air and water protections.

I've got news for the president, the vice president and the oil companies they used to run: there is no path to oil self-sufficiency. We can't drill our way there, no matter how many public lands we despoil... Read More
John Kerry
Dangers from the environment are creating a national environmental health crisis that needs to be addressed. No community - of any income or any race - should have their children endangered. And it is wrong when communities that don't have the economic or political power carry an unjust burden of pollution. For too long, poor and minority communities have been overlooked when it came to the environment. For too long, they've felt they didn't have the power to fight back. And for too long, polluters thought they could get away with breaking the law as long as it was in someone else's back yard. Read More
I just like to remind y'all, every once in a while, that while Dean might be the best, the rest of 'em are pretty much good guys too. But of course, while they all released statements about Earth Day, the Dean team created a really nifty flyer for us to pass out. You know, if you guys get bored this afternoon or something. (or maybe this Sunday, any takers?)

P.S. Yes, there are more candidates in the race than four. I linked to them all on the side, just for you. But I'm only paying attention to these guys.

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 11:51 AM

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