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wMonday, April 07, 2003

E-mail exchange.

Yesterday, I renewed my Salon Premium subscription (yes kids, I've been a member for years). And then I sent an e-mail to David Talbot, Salon's editor in chief.
Alright, Mr. Talbot, I have renewed my subscription.

Now quit paying Andrew Sullivan.

Matthew Schmidt
Considering I've been helping to pay Salon's bills for a while, I figured I could send the guy a random bitch. And today, I get this back:
I know Andrew drives a lot of our readers crazy (he does me too sometimes). But even Fox has Hannity and we have Sullivan. Liberalism, to me, means listening to those you disagree with -- doing so, at the very least, helps sharpen our own thinking.

But the bigger question is where Salon's heart is -- and ours is firmly in crusading against the Bush administration and the dark and dangerous place they are taking the U.S. and the world. And as a subscriber, you can expect plenty of that passionate journalism over the next couple years. Thanks for subscribing.
Best wishes,
I note two things. First off, he's clearly referring to Alan Colmes, not Sean Hannity. I wondered if that was intentional. It reminded me of one of the early Republican Debates during the last presidential election where Gary Bauer chided Alan Keyes for jumping into a mosh pit to get Michael Moore's endorsement. (Now THAT was funny to watch.) Except he revealed how foreign the music was to him by attacking the band "The Machine Rages On" for some vague nastiness or another thing. Of course, the music that Moore always used when fucking with Republicans was "Rage Against the Machine". Most perceptive observers guessed that Bauer made the mistake intentionally. Is Talbot doing the same thing here, to show me how little he watches Fox? Or was it just a dumb mistake. The world may never know, but at least I know it isn't a form letter.

And that's what really matters to me - I sent a letter to the big cheese at Salon, and he answered me personally after less than a day. Awful kind of him, don't ya think? So if anyone reading this has a couple of extra bucks laying around, you might want to consider subscribing. It's not just good news coverage - they're good people too.

posted by Matthew Carroll-Schmidt at 1:38 PM

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