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wFriday, April 11, 2003

Adressing the Last things first.

About all those links I put up. I only did that because I'm tired of "the evil Conservative agenda" and "Cheny and his Haliburton Cronies" or "Lord Bush and his pundit subjects" or whatever else. Sterotypes. In general I was trying to point out EVERYONE has faults, both sides of the political spectrum. I only seem to be hearing how Conservatives screw up around here. All of it. Also, Matt? Whats wrong with flag bandannas? I wouldn't wear one, by why can't they? They wore them _under_ their riot helms. Not breaking uniform code. So whats wrong? It's free speach. Also with the Yellow Ribbions, in the Mayor's own words " "The no-sign ordinance is meant to keep the city from getting polluted with signs," he said. "Ribbons are not signs." " So what's wrong with them? And about the transgender joke? For god's sake. Would you file a suit against me if I made a political joke? Those people are too touchy, as I said before. It's all humor. They are the exception to the rule from what I've seen in the Transgendered community.

Moore and the Dixie Chicks. I haven't seen statistics, but with the media saying their sales are down, and Moore saying they're up. I'm willing to bet their conservative listeners are boycotting them, and people like Matt who've gained respect for them because they chose to stand up and voice their opinions pushed their popularity right back up. Also with Moore, I've heard alot about his Documentary, but haven't seen it. I'm going to not comment on it till I have seen it. I plan on using Kazaa, as I will not voulentarily give him a cent.

Matt: Leader in Exile, Gore? *Snicker* But seriously. I don't like this person Rumsfeld is promoting for Iraqi replacement President, but at least they'll be ahving elections. Also, whe shouldn't (and I'm thuroughly opposed to this btw) occupy (or colonize, pick a word) Iraq. It would be a horrible mess for them and us.

I've heard this one one News source, but not more then one. I'll try and confirm this, but don't take this as Dogma. Anyone ever heard anything about BBC recently? Specificly, how they were banned on the HMS Arc, the flagship of the British Royal Navy. Call it silencing if you want, but they claimed it was disheartening the troops to listen to the BBC. How the BBC was downplaying Coalition achivements and Demonizing whatever it did display. The straw that broke the camels back was when the Statue of Saddam fell, they never aired it. They aired an earthquake in India instead.

posted by Andrew at 10:54 AM

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