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wWednesday, July 09, 2003

Some Comments and an Open Question

First off, I'll try to check the spelling of this post, but I can't exactly run spell check, considering my computer has been on the fritz and I don't have Word or any program like it. If you have serious problems, take the post and run it through word, then edit it yourself. I'd like to, but I don't know how bad my gammer/spelling will be. ^.-

Now for the my comments, mostly concerning the Tranquility Bay post and subsequent discussion. A couple of the responses tended to surprise or anger me a bit, and I find the whole matter important enough to put on a main post. First of all, I posted the article not to start a 'crusade', as Matt so eloquently put it, but to consider the implications of this island camp and people's perception of it. Now, while I have a lot of thoughts about that in particular, what I'm concerned with is the fact that it was blown off as if it were not important in the slightest.

Naturally, those of you who blew it off will tell me that that's the point, that it's not important. Matt said "mounting a crusade for better treatment of delinquent rich kids by a private offshore company ain't my bag. Especially when they have the parents full consent." Then you go on to say that you're more interested in Civil Rights. I suppose that rich people don't have any rights? These children, many of whom have done nothing seriously wrong, are being exposed to the same kinds of tactics that frighten us when we read "1984" or "A Clockwork Orange". Of course, their parents say it's ok, so it's alright to take them from their home in the middle of the night, fly them to a different country, and torture them until they act 'properly'. And of course, it's foolish to worry that the U.S. is ok about this.

Perhaps this isn't what you meant, but your condescending tone angers me, and quite honestly, I've noticed that if you didn't post it or it doesn't directly connect to one of your pet causes, it's not important. In the past, you've told me that the things I think or post really arn't interesting or important enough for you to bother reading. It makes me wonder why I bother to post here at all. Furthermore, the comment "And really, Nick, when did you become a crusader? I thought you were a Republican." is a little juvenile, in my opinion. What you're saying, in effect, is that Nick's worries about the inhumane treatment of others don't matter or count for anything because he's a Republican. Quite frankly, I worry that you've wrapped yourself in your ideology so tight that you refuse to listen to others because of a title. How close minded...

And Violet, your "Fuck you, and stop putting words in my mouth." ? Very grown up of you. When I told you about this, and you blew me off, telling me that you're not surprised and that it wasn't worth listening to? Perhaps you didn't say 'naive' right out, but your concept that this wasn't worth listening to, even if I worried about it a bit struck me that you thought me very naive for worrying about something like this. I acknowledged right after that I was wrong though, when you said that wasn't the case, so how about a big "Fuck you" right back for not listening to the rest of the conversation after you wrote me off. I never gave you a "Shut up, or I'll kill you look", though I was surprised. Your knee-jerk reaction has surprised and hurt me, and to be honest, the only 'opposing view' you ever bothered to bring up was "I don't care." Not much of an opinion from where I'm sitting. Finally, don't like internet petitions? Don't sign them. Maybe you don't think they accomplish anything, but it's a little silly for you to write eight lines about how stupid they are.

Now, seriously, I'm not trying to piss anyone off by writing this, but I thought all of the replies required an answer and one large enough to list all of my thoughts. I don't doubt maybe Violet will become angry, even if that isn't my intention, but my point is that both of you were so closed off to a discussion that wasn't one of your little pet concepts that it wasn't worth your time to even consider the ramifications of an institution like this. When I wanted to discuss it, you said it was unimportant. Maybe you still don't care what I think, but, if that's the case, let me know so I can leave and stop cluttering up your space.

Update: Spell-checked by my bad ass. - Matt

posted by Weston at 1:46 PM

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