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wSunday, March 09, 2003

::Watches the debate::
Andy, you'll do better if you retaliate point for point in your attempt to defend the administration. It seems that some of your information is fuxxored, you may consider looking for more factual information. Also, the government doesn't loose your vote for betraying your trust if they lie to you, and I think it's obvious from the news posts that they do.

If the best you can do about that is say they have a right to keep that secret, I'll laugh at you and call myself a winner. Let's see, your issues seem to be: 1) Legality behind the invasion, 2) Trust the government.

For number 1, I think that as far as legality goes, there is no law if we respect nothing. Considering that the U.N means nothing to you, you're right, we could theoretically do anything. We don't have to listen to anyone, we may take law into our own hands. Fine, but it seems like a poor idea. Even without that, even if the U.N. clamored for war, it too is a poor idea. I've told you why before, you agreed, then you change your mind. All I'm saying is, if you want a good reason not to, look at what I've posted before, and remember what I've told you, and stop repeating yourself. Your reason for war is that we shouldn't listen when others say we shouldn't, from what your first post says.

Second, I don't imagine for a second that the administration has my good in mind. They spout lies daily, or half-truths. I'm fine with them holding some stuff back, but if they want to build a solid case for war, they'll have to give me some real information to look at. It helps if it's not super biased for the war. I think the U.N. is the best neutral agent there is for this. I trust them more then Bush.

On what Matt posted, I tend to agree as far as what he as to say on how we consider the opposition "freedom-hating nuts". Saying you hate freedom's pretty stupid. I don't think you can go on record saying that's the truth. Is Osama a creep? Yeah, and I want him out of the picture (Too bad the administrations not interested in that anymore.), but he did have some valid complaints.

I'm sorry, Andy, but I'm forced to say that I disagree with your points. You;ll have to work harder to convince me otherwise.

posted by Weston at 11:36 PM

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