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wThursday, March 06, 2003

The SUV War Machine

War is hell. – General William Sherman
The military don’t start wars. Politicians start wars. – General Westmoreland

I think the general American populace would do well to consider both of the quotes listed above, considering neither came from the inexperienced, the naïve, or the foolish. Before anyone forgets, yes, the war in Iraq is not about the defense of the nation, it is not about the cruelty that Saddam has shown, this is not about fighting terrorism. This is a political move. This is an economic war.

Let’s kill some misconceptions before I move on. The argument about us cementing our national security is a lie, or at least a faulty premise. Saddam’s possible cache of weapons of mass destruction hasn’t even been found yet, and his military is in shambles. Even assuming he has these things, he can’t hit the U.S with them, so the only target he’d shoot at is probably Israel. Before we even go there, if he hits Israel, Israel will wipe Iraq off the map. Fair enough, Saddam’s not a threat to our allies or us. What other reasons do we have to go to war? I seem to remember hearing about tenuous ties to Al Queda, the organization that’s responsible for the removal of a certain pair of towers from the New York city skyline.

These are the guys we really need to go after – they’re still out there. Do you remember hearing about us winning the war on terrorism? Did we just kind of forget that these creeps are sitting in caves somewhere hating us? So now they turn up to be allied with Saddam, but no evidence is ever really seen. If you were paying attention (I assume you were, considering you’re reading a political blog), then you’ll remember that this issue got dropped pretty quick. Al Queda is an organization of religious fanatics, and Saddam is a secular leader who hates them. They don’t like each other. As much as I like seeing religious zealots playing nice with heretics, I don’t think that’s the case. Great, swell. It’s apparent that our administration is going through excuses like a co-ed goes through swimsuits before spring break. Even considering that Saddam might have the weapons of mass destruction, I don’t think he could muster the number of nukes we have in, say, North Dakota.

Our excuse, out current justification, is that Saddam is an evil creep who must be stopped. He used weapons of mass destruction (That word gets thrown out a lot…) on his own people. Where were we when he did this? Oh, yeah, we were allied with him, that’s right. Against the soviets. Well, I’ll be. I seem to remember us giving him some weapons to use too… I wonder where those empty missile shells came from? Considering there are enough tin-horn despots out there to break the defense budget in two, it seems odd that we’d waste out time going after this one, unless we’d get something out of it. I don’t know about you, but when I think of the middle east, I think oil.

Is this about oil independence? Well, you might hear that on television, but it’s pretty laughable when you consider who’s telling you the good news. George Dubya, son of an oil baron, friends with a dozen companies, fingers in the pot. He’s the guy that rolled back environmental standards, rolled back fuel standards on SUV’s, and is giving tax breaks on the suckers so large that now they’re cheaper then a Honda Civic if you fall in the right category. The upper-class one, that is. He’s the one giving out tax breaks for the filthy rich. I wonder what his agenda is?

Oil independence. Of course. The administration is in it for the goods. This is the clearest concept of blood for oil you can find, except that it’ll also make him look good if he wins, and he wants to get re-elected, because his ride of goodwill after 9-11 is fading a little quick, and he isn’t able to coast anymore. He needs something to cover up his shortcomings, his failure to come through on a single campaign promise. We’re talking about the worst administration in the history of the United States, and if you look closely, you’ll see that I have a point.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. How fast do you get there if you’ve got ill ones?

Sites Viewed, for fun and profit.
The Onion - It's satire. Not real. Not a news source. Pretty funny though.

Washingon's Oil Politick - I read this for another preceding paper that lead up to this. The article strongly influences what I'm talking about.

posted by Weston at 5:32 PM

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